4WD Ute Canopy: A Buyers Guide

Do you have a ute in your garage and want to go offroading? You already know that to get the best out of your ute, it is important to have a great set up in the back. This setup comes in the form of a custom or ready-made canopy that will suit your every need. But how do you determine which setup is correct for you?

Here is a guide that will enlighten you on the best canopy option for you.

1. What’s your Canopy Base

There are different types of ute base arrangements that will determine the type of canopy installation for your ute. These are:

  • Well body or Tub
  • Chassis mount
  • Tray

Well Body or Tub

These are the most common ute base arrangements that blend well with a range of canopies to help store your gear and equipment. The canopies that go well with tub arrangements include:

  • Fiberglass canopies
  • Metal canopies
  • Canvas canopies

Chassis Mount

Chassis-mounted canopies are ideal for users who do not intend to remove or swap their setups shortly. They are constructed out of steel, aluminum, or composite materials and are directly attached to the vehicle’s chassis. One great advantage is that they save on weight.


Utes that come with trays in the back have unlimited options regarding canopies. This is because trays offer versatility in their usage. Some of the canopy options available for trays include:

  • Canvas canopies
  • Metal-gull wing canopies
  • Composite canopies
  • Fiberglass canopies

2. Determine the Canopy Usage

Going off-road implies that you will be cut off from any form of civilization. Are you into camping? Do you fancy taking your 4WD rig to the beach and surfing the waves?

The canopy you pick should reflect the activities and tasks you wish to fulfill. This is because you need to fit it out with shelves and trays that will store your camping gear, beach wear, and tools to ensure your vehicle can be rescued from sticky situations.

3. Gear and Tools Security

It is no secret that a 4WD ute fitted with a custom canopy is housing very expensive equipment and tools in the back. Additionally, you will be traveling to different areas and you want to ensure your gear remains safe from both people and animals.

Additionally, one should consider investing in canopy locks and handles that are secure and made of good quality. In this regard, canvas and fiberglass canopies offer the least amount of security as they are easily broken or breached. However, aluminum, composite, and metal-gull wing canopies can bring peace of mind to any ute owner.

4. CanopyWeight

The rules and regulations surrounding vehicle weight are enshrined in every law. When installing a canopy to your ute, it is common to find most companies missing the mark when it comes to weight and dimensions.

Any inconsistencies in the above may result in vehicle instability and having your insurance voided in the event of an accident. Additionally, the fixtures and equipment that go into the canopy contribute to its weight. Therefore, weight consideration is an essential factor to account for.

MFI Service Bodies – Australia’s 1st Choice in UTE Canopies

There is no reason why you should feel shortchanged after installing a canopy for your ute. With the above guideline, you are guaranteed that you can select and install a canopy that will best suit your off-roading requirements without skipping a beat. Contact us, and let’s give you the service you deserve!

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