An Overview of Managed SOCs

Before getting into what a managed SOC is, let’s go through the fundamentals. What is a SOC, as well as what do its duties entail?

A group of IT security specialists is known as a Cybersecurity Centre (SOC) or Data Security Operation Centre. It works to stop cyberattacks on a company by quickly identifying, assessing, and reacting to threats. The managed SOC serves as the company’s security focal point and is in charge of gathering data. It also is in order of event logs from all areas of the IT ecosystem. It includes networks, gadgets, and information management, wherever they might be. SOCs are now a crucial part of a company’s security strategy thanks to cloud security & remote work.

The effectiveness of an organisation’s threat tracking, identification, and response measures depends heavily on threat detection centres. They are crucial in helping to detect, defend against, and mitigate threats. It includes phishing, ransomware, data breaches, malicious insiders, supply chain assaults, DoS/DDoS assaults, & cyber espionage.

A Managed SOC: why use it?

Data breaches cost an average of $3.86 million during the first nine months of 2020. It exposes 36 billion accounts (Risk Based Security). Currently, that expense is $4.24 million (IBM). It is impossible to stress the need for a secure environment in this unsettling environment.

However, establishing the SOC internally requires an item of significant expenditure on infrastructure, equipment, and software. Building a team, acquiring the needed equipment and licenses, and configuring the SOC may take a lot of time. These are all potentially significant obstacles that might keep the company from enhancing its security posture.

Businesses can quickly and affordably remove these obstacles using SOC as a Service.


Management and deployment of technology

Businesses may accelerate the adoption of SOC technology by using cloud-based or subscriber Security Service solutions. The SOC’s deployment time is relatively quick since they don’t need to build up their security procedures or tools. Some outsourced SOC providers may begin monitoring an organisation’s culture in a few weeks, offering proactive Security with minimum delays.

Access to specialists on demand

Cybersecurity specialists with the necessary skills is available. The skills are threat monitoring, assessment, responding, and remediation, thanks to Platform as a Service. They may monitor the IT environment immediately for any hazards and attacks from the internet to provide consistent, dependable Security.

Management and prevention of security events

Security incidents might significantly impact information security. It must be regularly examined and documented to track and ensure they don’t develop into more significant issues. A controlled SOC makes this simpler to do.

Management of threatened intelligence

Threat intelligence alone will not provide complete Security. For this knowledge to be valuable and practical, it must be enhanced with the appropriate context at the right moment. This is what threat intelligence means. An externally managed SOC team may gather and order threat data, providing the proper context. It produces threat intelligence to comprehend actual threats better and fortify defences.

To increase alert responsiveness and lessen the “alert fatigue” that SOC teams frequently experience. They may also efficiently investigate and prioritise a variety of warnings that arrive from various data sources.

Controlled SOC Pricing

The managed SOC paradigm provides a definite cost benefit over conventional SOC. Many companies offer package choices, most of which typically contain some set products with the possibility of customisation. An introduction package would provide controlled SOC for a specified amount of time and security policies. It also handles procedures, authentication and authorisation advice, research, and advancement. The SOC scope may be expanded to include round-the-clock emergency help with a more sophisticated solution. The most sophisticated packages often include complete round-the-clock coverage. Managed SOC costs may vary from $750 per month to $50,000 per month, according to the package selected.


Companies could indeed not afford to ignore the numerous risks nibbling at their heels. The cyber threat environment is continuously changing, and they can repel these dangers with a Security Solution. Many businesses lack access to one.

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