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Best Platforms For Short Video Content

A study has reported that people share a video at twice the rate than any other content form. It is also seen that more than 80 % of customers are convinced to buy the product through brand video.

We know that short video marketing is vital to every business content marketing plan. When looking at short video content, in particular, the data from a survey represented a few things on social media trends:

  • In generating leads and holding engagement, short video formats rank at the top
  • In 2022 Marketers are investing more in short video formats than any other form of content. The Indian fast video market is also growing exponentially.
  • More than half of the marketers in the survey believed that shot format content to go viral.
  • The survey also indicated that marketers should have a firm hold on short-format content.

Best Platforms For Short Video Content

Below are a few short video platforms that you can sign up on

1. YouTube Shorts

YouTube has its short video platform known as YouTube shorts. This feature is available to anyone who wants to create fun, engaging, informative videos using their cell phones. YouTube short’s video length ranges from 15 to 60 seconds.

2. Facebook Stories

Facebook also developed a new feature called Facebook stories, where one can share a video link in the story that has been recorded or post it directly. The time of a short video ranges between 60 seconds and disappears within a day.

3. TikTok

TikTok could be called the pioneer in short format video. It has massive popularity among the audience for creating short videos. Users spend a lot of time on this app as there is never-ending content streaming. On TikTok, You can get more creative and artistic as their video time ranges from 60 seconds to 1 minute

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram is now the most popular social media app, with a plethora of content from across the fields. With Instagram, it’s easy to connect and interact with your followers. Multiple videos of 15 secs can be recorded and edited in the app. You can also add music, audio, and filters to make your video attractive and catchy.

5. Instagram Reels

During the lockdown in August 2020, Instagram launched its new feature, reels. Initially, the duration of the reels was 15 seconds but later was increased to 30. If you want to make a video longer than a minute, you will have to switch to IGTV. The only difference in the switch is the ratio.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo was launched in 2004, a video forum where you can create, share and comment on the videos available on the application. Vimeo allows you to select and filter who can or cannot access the shared videos. Vimeo’s highlight was always its add-free experience. It is a relatively safe application with better privacy and security settings. But, with solid competition, its consumer database is proportionately low today. It is said to grow in the coming years.

7. Mojo

Mojo is the app for you if you want to make interesting Instagram stories. Use Mojo to create exciting and engaging video content and edit your videos with plenty of features to use from. The Mojo app is available in free and premium subscriptions. By subscribing to a premium membership, you can access excellent templates, filters, and editing tools that add an extra oomph to your Instagram stories. In this application, you can save videos handy, and connecting with Instagram is seamless.

8. Chingari

Chingari, an app that originated in India, is a desi video forum. The app was launched in 2018 and is now available in 20 languages. From 2020, it is now accessible in 50 countries. This app was launched to show support for the make in India camapogin. It is popular in the country and has more than 38 million consumers on the forum. Majorly being used for videos on status, its consumer demographic is still growing, and people are interested in exploring more.

9. Hipi

Hipi is a destination for Short videos like many other platforms? On Hipi, I have experienced short-form videos that are Creative, exciting, and spontaneous. Whether you’re a singing enthusiast, a dance lover, or just looking for an extra laugh, Hipi holds something for everyone. From your morning tea to your afternoon errands, Hipi has videos that make your day. Also, it is an Indian short video application. It is a funny comedy app with a video download feature and many cool toggles, including a music video maker, which you can use to create funny videos. You can share your comedy videos with your friends, share them as your status video, or get inspired to make awesome videos. No matter what you choose, Hipi offers you more.

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