Create privacy blinds in the pool area.

building a swimming pool in the house as an area for family activities Attention to detail has to be made from choosing a prefab or concrete pool, shape, structure, flooring material, to water management. It’s called having to do homework as hard as you can. with building a house There is also a matter of management techniques. Choosing a building location to suit the area while maintaining privacy for smooth usage We would like to bring you a technique to create a blind spot for privacy in the swimming pool area.

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Techniques to create a blind spot for privacy in the swimming pool area

Most of the swimming pool construction locations are placed in front of the house. which may be placed on the left or right of the house, depending on the suitability and consistency of the shade direction Therefore, when the pool is placed in front of the house, it may reduce the privacy of the homeowner, architect or luxury home builder. Therefore, the blinding technique must be applied to match the style of the house and to suit the ease of care as follows:

1. Tree

Trees are considered to create blind spots that can be set to blend in with the swimming pool perfectly and not be eye-catching. Because the pool is one of the elements of garden landscaping. that want to be a relaxation zone and create a distinctive feature for the house But choosing a tree must take into account the nature of the tree. and distance restrictions safe with the pool

It should be chosen as a low bush. which is convenient to take care of leaves and cleanliness. Arranged around the pool with low shrubs, chic forms, gradients to create beauty. Examples of plants that can be decorated include water pecks, guava trotters, gardenia, jasmine, neon, iris, margaret, dwarf glass, willow willow, dwarf oleander, stalk grass, or you may consult a professional gardener in a luxury home builder to help take care of it. can add more

2. trellis

Blinds are another layer of privacy that is secondary to fences and walls. Blinds can be made in a variety of forms, in vertical, horizontal or oblique planes, and there is a choice of natural and alternative materials. But the important thing is to choose a model that is waterproof. and matched with the design of the house

Advantages of battens besides being used as a shade for swimming pools Some homes where space is limited will make it impossible to build a pool in a shaded location. or some houses facing south and west which is the direction that gets very hot The battens will also help filter light and heat from reaching the pool.

3. Partition

Partitions will help separate the space into proportions. and also create privacy for users with a variety of designs It depends on the placement and overall plan of the house. For example, a partition such as

  • Cement construction is a screen that covers the eyes. with width on the desired side only It can be erected or installed permanently, for example, masonry, perpendicular, spaced from the pool, drill holes or decorated for beauty in a home style. Create an atmosphere for the house to become a photo corner like a chic cafe at the same time.
  • The waterfall curtain is another signature of the swimming pool. There are various materials used to make waterfall curtains. Both natural stone, cement and stainless will help in the water circulation system. sound and movement of water Helps to enhance the atmosphere to be fresh
  • Mirror screen, another blinding screen that is as popular as mortar. or waterfall curtain It can be seen from the home page. or magazines to build a modern luxury home Showcasing the modernity of the design of the house There is always the use of glass in the mix. The selection of glass can also choose the degree of sun protection film Or choose acrylic (Acrylic) instead of using glass. Prevent accidents from various collisions and can also help determine the boundaries of wet and dry areas as well.

There are many more Techniques that can be adapted to be a shaded corner to add privacy to the swimming pool, whether it is a gazebo, a balcony or even a small bar, cooking corner, various points used to receive guests can be called as Blind spot as well Of course, to build a house with a swimming pool in addition to meeting the needs of residents. It can also be used as a gathering place for friends and relatives.

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