Eyeliner for beginners

Eyeliner is considered a product that adds dimension to our eyes, whether they want to be sharp or want to be cute. It’s written in the style you want. Eyeliner newbies can be a real challenge if anyone is looking for a good eyeliner to use. We recommend eyeliner for beginners, easy to write, suitable for purchase.

Note : Skin care products center facelabs Our products are developed from the research of dermatologists. The products are suitable for all skin types.

What kind of eyeliner for newbies is best to use?

For newbies trying to learn to write eyeliner. and still can’t decide which one to buy We recommend 3 types of eyeliner suitable for all beginners.

  1. Eyeliner Pencil : Suitable for newbies learning to write eyeliner because of its soft texture. The lines are not too hard, comfortable to hold, easy to control, good color blending. The disadvantage is that it may not last long. but can be solved by using eyeshadow to apply over the eyeliner line down will make eyeliner more durable
  2. Magic Eyeliner : Liquid eyeliner in stick form. Helps to get sharper lines than pencils. This one is suitable for people who want to write natural eyeliner, not heavy, fluent, like drawing a pen. Magic eyeliner is the answer. The disadvantage is that the color may not be as dark and sharp as a gel only.
  3. Gel eyeliner stick : Ah, don’t run away because you see the word gel. Because a gel eyeliner stick is similar to a pencil. It’s just a vegetarian that will provide clarity. more durable suitable for string Floss that needs clarity The downside is that it takes time to wait for the gel to dry before applying the next steps of eye makeup and rotate accordingly. Soft meat can be broken.

Easy to write eyeliner recommended product

1. SIS2SIS Mini Eyeliner

Magic eyeliner for beginners The lowest price, easy to buy and easy to carry, saving space in the bag. Cotton brush head Makes it easy to control eyeliner writing. The lines are not too big and not messy. Eyelid meat is a matte black texture. Skin people can use it.

2. Browit by Nongchat HighTechnique Duo Eyeliner

Browit By Nongchat High Technique Duo Eyeliner Two eyeliners in one stick. One side is a tapered magic head. Provides sharp black lines, clear texture, dry quickly, not messy. for lining the upper eye The other side is the lower lash pencil. Dark brown color looks natural, soft texture, smooth writing, easy to write, even just starting to write for the first time. Both heads come with a sweat-proof, waterproof, long-lasting formula that doesn’t fade all day. Selected quality by professional makeup artist.

3. Eglips Super Slim Auto Long Eyeliner

This gel liner stick is suitable for beginners. It gives a thin line of only 2 mm. This one dries quickly and writes smoothly without worrying about pandas. or oily skin Because it can be waterproof and sweatproof all day. Easy to write without sharpening, just turn it lightly and you’re ready to make your eyes look bigger. There are 5 colors to choose from, but every color looks natural.

4. Lifeford Paris Hi-Precise Eye Pen

This eyeliner is for beginners. The head is the tip of the brush that gives clear and slender lines. Easy to control weight The meat is completely black, not shiny, looks natural. Of course, it comes in a stick form, easy to grip, easy to write, and dries quickly, and can be waterproof and sweatproof all day.

5. Merrezca Super Black & Long-Lasting Eyeliner

Eyeliner with a small magic head Smooth writing without interruption, beautiful, clear lines. This ink is completely black, dry quickly, not messy, suitable for newbies and people with oily eyelids because it is waterproof, sweat-proof, long-lasting all day. but also easy to clean and does not irritate the eyes

6. CHAONANG Long-Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner

This one has a small brush head. Makes it easy to control the eyeliner line. The texture of the eyeliner is completely black. Provides consistent clarity, writes super smooth, plus waterproof, sweat proof, long lasting, even the eyelids can be used.

7. Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner Waterproof

Eyeliner Magic Brush Perfect for newbies who are new to eyeliner, this one has a new formula for smooth writing, easy writing, quick drying, no mess and long lasting, can be waterproof and sweat all day.

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