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Facebook Instant Articles: 5 Basic Things You Need To Know About

Facebook instant article is one of the best feature introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in 2016. It allows user to post there article for free. However, you have to fulfil all the guidelines and follow their pattern so that it can be easily reviewed by their system and get posted. If you have recently made your Facebook page and looking to enhance tear visibility. Making content would be only option to track user.

Having good quality topics will help you to increase Facebook page likes and even brings you some new audience. There are several things a user must know before starting their career on instant articles these can be helpful to provide a head start to your career.

You can monetize instant articles

As a content creator one of the best opportunity for you to grab is you can monetise your instant article and generate good amount of revenue from your content. You can sell the advertisement in your content because Facebook itself is giving publisher 70% of revenue by taking 30% of their cut off. This can be a good source of income to sustain all your necessary needs.

Facebook audience network provide user with opportunity to leverage the power of advertisement feature which can be used for monetising their content. While the process of registration to instant article you can simply opt to audience network advertisements. You will find that feature in settings only thing you have to click on the option and start tap on get started.

If you want to sell your own advertisement then it can be also possible you will be able to post advertisement related to videos, animated advertisement, and banner advertisement within your articles.

Building and instant article is different from a post from your page

People often get confused in both the terms instant article is completely different from a post that you have created on your page. The post you have uploaded is directly capable of receiving Facebook page likes while the article is in the form of URL end user have to tap on reader mode to activate them.

So whenever you are publishing an instant article it do not automatically create a post to your page. The link to your article will be displayed on another section instead of loading directly into your mobile browser.

Quick loading speed

The primary reason to introduce instant article in 2016 was to get rid of problems such as slow loading speed. It is very effective and instant article are capable of loading 10 X faster than mobile web articles. So the loading speed is one of the main feature of any blog.

So instant article are capable of providing you with 20% guarantee of more clicks and around 70% of user will note abandoned article without reading it. The average attention span is just 8 seconds for online user which means your speed will be around one to 2 second that can work as a huge advantages when readers engaging to your content it will help you to generate a lot of FB page likes.

You have full control of what kind of post you want to publish

After setting up to instant article you will be provided with 100%  control to your page and you will be the one who can decide whatever article you should share on your Facebook. This means once you get everything under your control you will be able to repost every article or blog to make more data available on your page. We will also be able to keep an eye on what kind of strategies perform best.

You can quickly control whatever article you publish to your page from library. To access your library simply click on publishing tool from the top of your Facebook page and there you will see Option of instant article and select it from the menu on the left of your screen. After accessing it you will be able to edit article according to your cup of tea.

You can add email sign up forms to articles

Capturing email is one of the most important part during content marketing strategies. Losing out a lot of your follower can be a greater fear. If you want to keep your audience up to date then you can simply sign up for email notification. Because it is the only feature which would help you to increase and capture more data about your audience on Facebook.

It would be an ideal option for you to build direct relationship with your readers with the help of instant articles.


Facebook instant article provide you a free platform to upload your articles but the value of your business completely depend on what are your goals and model. They will be able to provide you with good organic traffic on your page. So feel free to share all your thoughts in your article which can be helpful for other. Spreading knowledge is one of the best gift you can provide to other people.

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