Get Your Puppy Used to the Kayak in 5 Simple Steps

Most puppy parents would love to include their furry little friends in all their adventures if possible. However, there are some adventure sports in which a puppy and its human parent can team up to participate. One such sport both of you can enjoy is paddling. But you must acclimate your pupper to the water, boat/canoe/kayak, and the gear they must wear while paddling odisha discom.

While this plan seems incredible, as a puppy parent, you must pay adequate attention to your pupper’s safety and health when both of you are floating on the water. So, you must first prepare your furry pet so they know what is expected of them after taking a seat in the kayak. Getting your fur baby used to the whole idea of kayaking demands immense patience, time, and effort on your part.

Even when you feel like giving up, remember that the toil can be worth it in the end. That kayaking experience with your adorable puppy will be a pleasant memory you can cherish in the future. At the same time, be equipped for the adverse too. Dog insurance NZ can cover your puppy’s unscheduled vet visits, accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and more.

Consider purchasing the best pup insurance so you can provide your pupper superior medical care at manageable costs for covered health conditions and unexpected health situations. In the meantime, we can help you with the steps to train your puppy to get familiar with your kayak.

Step 1:

Kayaking is going to be a novel and exciting experience for your pup. You must first help your fur companion get used to sitting in a water vehicle, i.e., “Kayak”. Also, help your puppy understand the kayak’s space and movement so they don’t fret over staying seated for quite some time until you finish a few rounds on the actual sporting day.

Step 2:

Also, don’t take your pup to a lake for kayaking practice sessions immediately. Let your puppy discover the kayak when it rests on land. Show them how the kayak moves with the ebbs and flows of water. Then, motivate your puppy to get inside by placing some of their favorite toys, treats, or a small bed so they can make positive associations with the water ride.

Step 3:

Teach your puppy the whole thing in little stages. Too many lessons at once can backfire. First, let the puppy sniff around for a bit, then take your paddling position, ask the puppy to sit with you in the kayak, and repeat this in a loop until they overcome their fear. Reward the puppy with tiny treats for maintaining calm and composure.

Step 4:

Next, practice the same in undisturbed areas in shallow waters. Puppy can have a great time playing with the water and acclimate to the idea of spending valuable time there.

Step 5:

Start with your first journey. Keep the trip short, like, say, about ten to fifteen minutes. Once the puppy gets used to this, you can gradually push the bar and go for longer kayaking rides.

Just in case your puppy panics anytime between a kayaking trip, pull over to the bank and allow your puppy some time to relax before moving on to another round. A petrified puppy can fall out of the kayak, struggle to float, gulp water, or even drown in deep waters when not protected by pet swimming gear.

Rescuing your puppy and getting it treated can be the moment’s need. Dog insurance in NZ can help you support your fur baby with required medical care in times like these and other emergencies. The best pup insurance provides your pet with comprehensive health coverage and better value. So, choose a pet plan that best suits your puppy’s health needs.

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