How To Claim Third-Party Insurance In An Auto Accident Case

We hear about car accidents almost every day. While sometimes it happens with the people we know, other times you might read or see about it in the news. Either way, a car accident can be traumatic for anyone who experiences it, including ourselves, and the situation becomes even more challenging when it involves third-party claims. Dealing with a third-party car accident case invites you to find out about the third party’s insurance company, and if they do not have insurance, you might even have to go to court. 

However, whether they have insurance or not, you must always contact Rockford auto accident lawyers when dealing with third-party claims. Compensation in a third-party claim is challenging since you must prove several things to the insurance company. Hence having a car accident attorney by your side will help to deal with the insurance company that can claim your losses. 

How to claim third-party insurance in an auto accident Case? 

  • Inform the police 

The primary step in a third-party car accident is to inform the police immediately. After the accident, directly whether everyone is safe; if someone is injured, rush them to the hospital. After that, call the police, inform them about the accident, and wait until they arrive at the scene. 

Once the police arrive, they will document the entire accident scene and create a detailed report of all the injuries and property damage to both people involved. Other than that, they will also ask if someone has witnessed the accident. If they find someone who saw the entire accident, their statement will also be included in the report to determine whose fault it was. 

Remember that the police report for your car accident is a crucial document since it is official evidence proving all your injuries and losses from the incident. 

  • Document the accident scene 

In a third-party accident case, it is essential together with every bit of efficiency that you can find. This Is because when you claim your injuries and damages to the at-fault party’s insurance company, they will ask for evidence proving the severity and authenticity of your injuries and damages. Hence it is vital that you take as many pictures and videos as possible of the accident scene to ensure you have ample proof to show other insurance companies. 

The pictures and videos you collect can also be helpful for your lawyer to study the accident scene, and if your car accident case reaches the court, they can ensure you win the lawsuit. 

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