How to design custom stickers for your retail packaging

Creating custom stickers for your retail packaging can be a fun and creative way to market your product. You can use stickers to promote special sales, new products or just to add a bit of personality to your packaging – and all you have to do is order stickers online!

But what should you print on your stickers? And what makes a good design? Here are a few tips on how to design custom stickers for your retail packaging:

1. Choose the shape of your sticker

You can find sticker shapes that range from the traditional rectangle or oval to more unique and eye-catching shapes like kiss cut or custom die-cut stickers. Consider what shape will work best for your design and for the surface you’ll be applying the sticker to.

2. Select a material for your stickers

The material your sticker is made out of is just as important as the design itself. You can choose from a whole host of materials from white over clear to effect materials. If you’re choosing an effect sticker, be sure to think about which parts of your design you would like to appear metallic or sparkly and which ones should have white printed behind them.

3. Add text, images, or logos

After you’ve chosen the shape and material for your sticker, it’s time to add your text, images, or logos. If you’re using images, consider using a vector graphic to ensure that the image prints clearly. After all, adding a custom logo sticker to your retail packaging, can increase brand awareness and create a more professional appearance for your product.

4. Choose the size and font of your text

The size and font of your text should be easily legible. Your stickers and labels will likely be skimmed, and you want customers to understand the information quickly. If you’re using a busy background, you may want to use a larger font so that your text is visible. You can also experiment with different fonts to create a unique look for your sticker.

5. Select the finish for your sticker

When it comes to the finish of your sticker, you have a few options. You can choose a glossy finish, which will make your colors pop, or a matte finish, which has a more understated, frosted look. On top of changing the look of your design, a laminate protects your stickers from water and scratches.

6. Proofread your design

Before you print your stickers, make sure to proofread your design to check for any errors. This is especially important if you’re using text in your design. Once you’ve printed your stickers, you can apply them to your retail packaging.

Now that you know how to design custom stickers for your retail packaging, it’s time to get creative! Use these tips to create a unique and eye-catching sticker that will help promote your product. Once you’ve created your design, print out some personalized stickers and apply them to your retail packaging. Your customers will love the extra personality and flair that your stickers add to your product.

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