How to Start a Vehicle Deals Focus Or an Independent Vehicle Mechanics Shop

If you want to own a shop that offers auto repair services, you can choose to start a dealership or a small shop where you can provide independent service. Whether you choose a dealership, you’ll probably be working with mechanics that were once employees of a car dealer. Independent shop employees usually have more passion for their work, whereas dealership mechanics are more likely to be working to fill a timetable.

Dealerships often require more repairs than independent shops, but these services don’t necessarily need to be expensive. Independent shops usually offer affordable services and will focus on bringing the customer back on the road. Because they are not tied to a specific brand or manufacturer, independent shops focus on offering the best results and the best value. Dealerships, on the other hand, tend to be brand loyal, which may discourage customers from using aftermarket parts and trading in their vehicles.

A dealership’s hourly rates are generally higher than those of an independent shop. This is because dealerships tend to hire inexperienced techs and train them to make less money. On the other hand, independent shops tend to work on more types of vehicles, and their technicians can be more skilled on specific models. Independent shops often have more competitive hourly rates, but they also face the high cost of payroll and tools.

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