Top Countries to Study Computer Science

The world has become mostly digital, and with the continuous advancement of technology, learning computers has become an obvious thing for people these days. Hence the demand for candidates having a degree in computers, especially in computer science is increasing. And technology being ever advancing, the need for computer science degree holders never seems to end.

The subject of Computer Science is indeed one of the most promising subjects that you’ll ever come through, and having a degree in it, will bring you endless working opportunities in this fast-moving digital world. One thing is assured, which is, that candidates who have a degree in computer science will never be jobless, which even makes it more demanding.

However, before getting all these things, people need to ensure that they get the proper education and proper knowledge of the subject at first. There are both private and government colleges that can deliver quality education in computer science. Some of the computer science degrees are also present on various online course selling platforms. But if you want to experience world-class learning, then you need to get to foreign countries. Here is the list of top countries to study computer science.

United Kingdom

If not planning to take your degree from any course selling website, then the UK is the best option to go for. One of the top countries to study Computer Science in the United Kingdom. Computer Science degrees in the United Kingdom will indeed offer you a real-life learning experience. In addition to that, there are also high employment rates of candidates having degrees in this field, with good compensation. 

The increasing technology of the country has resulted in the increasing need for computer science majors, and eventually, the curriculum of this subject has been upgraded in the colleges and universities of this country. They promote high learning in computer science, which makes it popular globally. Some of the top colleges in the UK for learning computer science are the University of Cambridge, the University of St. Andrews, etc.


Canada is one of the most popular countries for offering education in Computer Science. Every year, thousands of international students come to this country for pursuing this course, and stats say that this country has the highest population of foreign students. Always known for its quality education, Canada promotes high standards of education for both international as well as local students. 

The universities have an excellent global reputation, and the programs of computer science in this country administer rigorous backgrounds and ensure advanced learning. Some of the top colleges for learning computer science in Canada are the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, etc.


Though counties like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada come among the top names when it comes to delivering world-class education on a particular subject, Switzerland is one of those countries which can equally compete with the other four in this regard. And when it comes to Computer Science, it certainly has a lot to offer. 

The colleges and universities of Switzerland which offer computer science courses significantly focus on teaching, research, as well as innovation. In addition to that, it will massively strengthen your resume, and getting working opportunities will seem like a cupcake to you. The computer science programs of Switzerland have proven its academic standing all over the world multiple times. Some of the top colleges in this regard are Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, etc.


Belgium also comes among the top countries for providing world-class learning in computer science. For candidates who are looking for well-performing universities and also at an affordable price at the same time, the educational institutes of Belgium are the best suitable for them. The country is situated in north-western Europe and has a huge population, with entertains a lot of international students every year.

When it comes to computer science it is seen that there are lakhs of students who first talk about going to Belgium. Apart from delivering excellent education, the tuition fees for this subject in this country are also affordable. Besides, students also get to enjoy a variety of deals here including a multicultural environment, good research facilities, etc. In addition to that, the colleges of Belgium are also recognized globally. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is one of the top colleges for studying Computer Science in Belgium.

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