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What is Prosperity and Health?

The question, “What is prosperity and health?” has been around as long as mankind. Despite its age, today’s answer to this question is rather narrow. The ideology of “eternal growth” captures the essence of prosperity by insisting that more is better. This unbridled expansion destroys nature and fuels the climate emergency. However, we don’t have to live in a world where endless growth is the only way to stay prosperous.

In today’s society, illness and chronic diseases are among the most common enemy of mankind. We fight these enemies by pursuing various forms of spiritual and physical health. Some people turn to prosperity churches for deliverance from such a condition. Lacks can be many things, from opportunities to peace. They can affect jobs to relationships and children. However, the key to prosperity and health is recognizing that we have the power to make them happen.

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Investing in research to measure health outcomes is the best way to improve our understanding of the relationship between economic prosperity and overall health. Random assignment studies show that people with iron deficiency are less likely to be employed and are less productive. In addition, the use of emerging technologies to measure health and wealth in surveys has improved our ability to measure this relationship. Ultimately, these results demonstrate that economic prosperity and health are closely linked.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us, a good health system is the key to economic growth. Better health not only improves productivity, but it also expands the labor force, saving millions of lives, and generating immense social benefits. Unfortunately, the debate about healthcare costs has not focused much on health as an investment in economic returns. In fact, the debate is still far from over. It’s time to shift our focus from the costs of healthcare to better care for the poor. eblogz

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