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What to do if your key is stuck in your door?

The awkward moment when neither your key is broken, nor your lock is broken, there is just a key stuck in your lock that now you don’t know how to get out. What we recommend in the first instance is that you do not try for any reason to get it out on your own, if it does not turn out to get out and it is just sitting there, leave it there until you finish reading the entire article. Trying to invent solutions can only cause internal damage that you will later have to pay to fix and it will be much more expensive than just paying to get it out. 

Today we are going to show you a few ways to get the key out very carefully without the risk of breaking it, or so we hope, so stay with us and stay tuned. 

Step One: Call a locksmith

Very cliché, we know you’re not here to hear it, but you should really listen to us when we tell you that hiring a locksmith may be the best decision you make when you have any kind of problem, because even though we can give you a few tips, they don’t promise to work for you since there are a lot of different types of locks, keys, etc, in the world that can’t be fixed in the same ways. 

So if you value your time, and your money (it will be much more expensive if you do break something), hire a specialist service that can help you with this quickly. 

Step 2: Identify your problem

Key won’t come out

If it turns out that the key won’t come out for any reason, no matter how you move it, what you should do is pull the handle carefully in your direction and try to see if the key turns to come out. Never pry in this type of situation or you may make the problem worse if the key breaks inside the lock. And there it will be unavoidable to call a specialist. 

You can try the technique of pulling the handle in your direction and try to move the key for a few minutes, if that doesn’t work net worth, then you can try to pull the keys out with a pliers also with extreme care, without prying either or you may end up in the same situation with one half of the key out and the other half in. 

It is very difficult to turn the key

In case the key has entered but does not turn, so the door does not open, and you cannot get it out again even if you exert pressure, then what you should do is to check if it is the right key. We know it’s obvious, but many times we stress over solutions that might be too obvious. If you took out all your keys at the same time, it is extremely likely that they are all very similar and you don’t have them marked. 

If you are 100% sure that this is the key that opens your door, then we must think that there is a mistake not so much with the key, but with the lock. Maybe the lock is very old and needs to be replaced, or maybe you are coming out of winter and need internal maintenance due to rust. 

In this case, your only option is to call a specialist and explain your situation so that he can bring the necessary tools to open your door.

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